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A workshop focusing on demonstrations and applications of easy-to-use platforms for film/audiovisual media analysis, such as video annotation software, and interactive image annotation tools like Thinglink. In addition to brief how-to tutorials, this workshop will also give examples of how to productively incorporate those tools into multimedia assignments for Film and Media Studies courses. A selection of student projects from past courses I taught will be included, including collaborative DH class projects, and participants can also share their own examples during the workshop.

[Note: The workshop will be accessible enough for tech novices, in hopes of encouraging more educators (especially in Film Studies – an area where there is demand for this type of workshop) to think of alternatives to the traditional academic paper, for instance.]

Location: Room 652, Department of Cinema Studies, 6th floor, Tisch School of the Arts, 721 Broadway, NY 10003. Non NYU attendees must present ID at the front desk.

We recommended that attendees bring their laptops.