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Omeka: Whether to Dive in, and at Which End of the Pool?

The proliferation of Content Management Systems (CMS’s) have radically altered our experience of the web, both as creators and consumers of content. At the cost of a few limitations in flexibility, these structures vastly simplify website creation and editing. The multiplicity of such systems available and their infinitely variable limitation, however, can make it difficult to determine whether any particular CMS is suitable for your needs.

This session will be intended to equip beginners to web design with sufficient knowledge of one particular CMS, Omeka, which has been rising in popularity, to assess whether it is appropriate for their particular projects, and to describe some resources which they might use to unravel any problems they encounter with the system in the future. In addition, because Omeka is available in a wide variety of configurations, this session will lay out basic differences between these based on needs and available resources.

Location: Lowenstein 304, Lincoln Center Campus, Fordham