Presentations by NYCDH Graduate Student Award Winners

/Presentations by NYCDH Graduate Student Award Winners
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Name Institution Project Title Twitter Handle Project URL
Christy Pottroff Fordham The U.S. Goes Postal: Mapping Union and War in the Antebellum Era @ChristyPottroff
Jonathan Reeve Columbia University Git-Lit @j0_0n
Eileen Clancy CUNY Graduate Center Beyond Citation @clancynewyork
Margaret Galvan CUNY Graduate Center Mapping and Networking Alison Bechdel to Grassroots Periodical Culture, 1983-2008 @magdor
Alice Lynn McMichael CUNY Graduate Center Reconstructing a Sacred Barrier: Testing the Virtual Waters of 3D Modeling @ByzCapp http://documentingcappadocia.
Connor Gaudet NYU D-FOCRO: Directory-Formatted OCR Output @cegaudet
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